• InkForYourPrinter.com (National Laser Cartridge Service) is an important section of the independent ink manufacturing company, AtLasta Specialty Ink Co., Inc.
  • Many of our original customers have followed our growth from a location in a two car garage in south Saint Louis county back in the Spring of 1987 to our present manufacturing facility now in High Ridge, MO.
  • Our nationally centralized location in mid-eastern Missouri allows us to service much of central Illinois as well as the greater Saint Louis area. We are central for quick delivery of all our suppliers, giving us the ability to maintain economic inventories of necessary supplies and keep overhead at a minimum.
  • We can be reached by phone at (636) 677-1900, via FAX at (636) 677-3813 and snail mail: InkForYourPrinter.com, 4600 South Square Dr., High Ridge, MO 63049

  • We offer the technical expertise of professional chemists, one, the owner, a Ph. D. We combined the efforts of over three decades of experience and customer service of two companies. We began in March of 1987 to build a Specialty Ink Manufacturing Company. Our primary products have been inks designed for the packaging industry.

  • We began development of Ink Jet Inks in 1987. The Toner Service has also grown steadily since that time. We purchased National Laser Cartridge Service in 1994, and since then have added ink jet technology and ink jet ink chemistry to the rapidly growing organization. Ms. Sue Harrison is the Owner / Manager of NLIJCS.

  • We are poised to grow in both ability and technology to serve our customers into the 21st century.

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